quinta-feira, abril 14, 2016

josiane's feet

josiane had the habit 
of wetting her feet 
at bedtime

it was almost like 
an everyday obligation
wetting her feet in the shower  
and than climbing into bed
with her feet wet

If josiane 
didn't wet her feet
at night time
she couldn't go to sleep
she would suffocate

josiane wouldn't let 
anything being said about 
her little routine
any movement 
that would draw attention away 
from herself
would upset and infuriate her
even more so if it came 
from marcia

josiane wouldn't allow 
marcia to hold 
anything against her
not even a smile 
in the corner of her mouth 
or her eyes
not even if that smile 
came to flourish 
while saying

that she found josiane's routine 
so delicious 
like a 
little sweet treat
like a
beautiful idiosyncrasy
that worked as a punctuation
of josine's personality

that funny habit 
allowed marcia to see 
a hidden side of josiane
and everyday 
it caught her attention

she was in love 
with josine
's ritual 
and with the suspicious 
look that she would get 
while she watched it

would hide her smile and tell 
herself that 
nobody else 
about josine's feet

even if marcia's smile was hidden 
behind a thousand blankets
josiane always noticed the deception
and fought 
with her

who had a habit of getting caught 
in the act of smiling

it was almost like 
an everyday obligation
to smile with the corner of her eyes
and hide behind a thousand blankets
and than 
to be unveiled 
and scolded

because if josiane 
didn't fight with her
at bedtime
marcia couldn't go to sleep
she would suffocate

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